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If you were handed the secrets of six highly successful people, who started with nothing and built money making mega-sites, what could you do? Imagine the possibilities..

Read on my friend
, because I'm  about to do just that!  I will give you the secrets of six media moguls, who used podcasting to build an online empire.

Each of these people used different methods, and different ideas, but they all share one thing in common: They all own hugely successful web sites that make them piles of money each month!

Not only will I share the secrets of six hugely-successful A-List Celebrities, I'll also  give you everything you need to implement the ideas yourself!

It's no joke! With my package you will learn how you can take any web site to the next level. The ideas are simple, and I will teach you how to take the knowledge shared by the media moguls and turn your own site into a huge success!

Imagine what you could do with the secrets of someone who turned their web site into a $50 million dollar media machine.  Or think about the possibilities of knowing how to build a site that gets over 90,000 hits per day!

The possibilities are endless, and all of this was made possible with and idea called podcasting.  Read on to learn more....

You're Just About to Find Out:

  • The secrets of six highly successful A-List Internet Celebrities - In the interviews you will  learn how they started with nothing and took their web sites to fame and fortune. 

  • What pod casting is, and how you can implement it in your own site to build your own  media empire, and make more money!

  • Everything you need to know to start and maintain a podcast. The course gives you everything from the basics to advanced podcasting ideas

  • How you can use the ideas shared in the celebrity interview's in your own online campaigns. Imagine turning your site into an empire!

  • How I used the ideas I'm about to share with you to build my own media empire. Really, podcasting saved my life!

  • About a very special - LIMITED TIME Offer - and how you can get the course, the interviews, and more for much less than what it will cost you next week!

Tony's Portrait
Taking it easy in Australia

From: Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my web site (one of them anyway). Some of you likely know me from my highly successful site "The Displaced African". For those of your that don't, my name is Tony, and just like you I was once looking for a way to find success.

The reality is that finding any type of success online is hard! Getting traffic, making the sale, whatever you're trying to do with your site - it can really be a daily struggle.

From that let me start by telling you two things.

  1. It's not your fault: Finding success online is difficult if you don't know what you're doing. If you really want to succeed you'll likely need a mentor!
  2. It doesn't have to be difficult at all: I am about teach you how to find huge success with a simple idea called podcasting. I did it, and when I got started I was living in my car!

It's no joke - when I got introduced to the world of podcasting I was in the middle of a major crisis.

I was a college student with a dream. I wanted to build my own media empire. Like many dreamers waiting just wouldn't do. So I left my home in Melbourne, dropped out of college, and went to seek out my dream.

That of course is where the major crisis hit: After dropping out of school, a house deal fell through so I had no place to live.. I had problems with a thief stealing all of my work and my ipod (you get the picture)...

Of course I didn't let that get me down, I did what any self-respecting dreamer would do: I took up residence in my car.  Living from my new home, in mall parking lots, with days spent in public libraries to find warmth, I still had a dream - and I was going to see it through.  

I wanted to build a media empire. The problem was that I had no idea how to get started. I knew that my key to success would be to use the ideas of successful people. But I was faced with four major barriers:
  • I was living in my car (a major barrier)
  • I didn't have any connections to successful media people
  • I didn't have any way of recording the thought or ideas of those successful people. 
  • I had no medium to share their insights with the world.
If I was going to build the media empire I had to start overcoming those obstables. To overcome the first obstacle I swallowed my own pride and moved back to Melbourne.

I still had three major obstables to overcome if I was going to realize my dream.  That Was Of Course Until I Met an Australian Man with a Canadian Accent...

Yaro Starak is well known for being "the blogging expert". If you want to know how to start up a blog, send traffic to it and make money from it, Yaro is the go-to guy.

A lesser recognized fact about Yaro is he is also a podcaster and quite a successful one at that (more on that later).

Yaro first introduced me to the world of (drumroll please..............)


And not only did he introduce me to the world of podcasting, but HE SOLD ME on the world of podcasting by introducing me to the following idea (which is probably the most powerful reason that you should begin podcasting IMMEDIATELY):

"Podcasting is one of the best ways to build relationships with A-list people in your niche, interview them AND share their insights with the world."

In one foul swoop I eliminated the 3 other  barriers I was talking about before, and I took those ideas to begin building my own media empire. 

All I needed was a computer and an Internet connection. With those two tools I could contact great minds of today,conduct audio interviews, and distribute these interviews using the simple technology called podcasting.

Using this simple idea I am proud to say I am realizing my dream, and today I want to help you realize yours!  I want to introduce you to something that will help you not only replicate my success, but go way beyond it.

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series

You see over the course of my podcasting career, a number of people started coming up to me and asking:

"How would I get started podcasting?"

"How would I record the podcasts?"

...among other questions to do with podcasting.

I decided rather than simply take everything I knew about podcasting, why not go beyond that and share the insights of people who have far surpassed what I was able to do.

So using everything I had learned about building relationships with A-listers I set out to take the insights of the greatest minds in podcasting today and share them with you. Along with the 6 interviews I have also put together the web's only complete podcasting course.

In other words, not only am I going to teach you my own the secrets, I am sharing the secrets of 6 very successful internet marketers. I ruthlessly questioned and interrogated these people on your behalf, and today I am making the interviews and my podcasting course available to you.

Wishing you all the success in the world,

Wishing you podcasting success! Signed - Tony

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Hello Tony,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say : This has got to be one of the best digital-learning packages I have ever seen. I am honored to have been a part of the test group for this one.

I have been marketing eBooks for few years, and have actually been quite successful. Here's the thing though, after being involved with this one I began to implement some of the ideas shared in the interviews on one of my blogs.

Working at it for only three weeks - my next eBook release will likely be the biggest one I've ever had. The response to my podcast has been phenomenal!  Tha amount of information included in the videos series will make this package worth every penny (no matter what you decide to charge)

Trevas Walker - todaysfreelancer.com

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"If I can go from living in my car, to realizing my own dream and becoming an online success - you can definitely use my ideas for your own success. In fact, I'm so confident that you'll find success with my program, I guarantee it!"

Guaranteed Success LogoWhen you purchase The Conversations with the Podcasting Gurus Series, your purchase comes with a 30 Day - Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident that this package will help you find success, I guarantee it!

With your package you will get instant access to six audio interviews from podcasting guru's! 

Read on to learn more about the interviews and the people I interviewed on your behalf...

"...I am sharing the secrets of 6 very successful internet marketers. I ruthlessly questioned and interrogated these people on your behalf..."

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: Cliff Ravenscraft

Want to know how you can turn podcasting into a full time (and very lucrative) career! If you did want to learn that - Cliff Ravenscraft is the man to talk to.

You likely know Cliff Ravenscraft as the podcast-answer-man. Starting with a hobby podcast on the television series lost, Cliff made his way to become one of the first (and biggest) full time podcasters. Cliff is the cofounder of the Generally Speaking production network at GSPN TV.

In the 1 hour and 23 minute interview with Cliff, you'll learn his secrets. You'll learn how he got started, how he found success, and where he sees his own podcasting career going. The interview covers everything from how Cliff feels podcasting is different from other more traditional media,  to how you can take podcasting create a business model with it and use it for your own success!

Press play below to listen to the intro to the interview:

In this video you'll learn:
  • The difference between traditional media, and podcasting
  • How you can take advantage of those differences for your own success
  • Tips on creating podcasts that people will actually want listen too
  • About different business models that Cliff has had success with
  • How to make a living as a podcaster
  • All about the huge communities that can be built around a podcast
  • About building relationships with your audience
  • Much, Much,  More - You aren't going to want to miss this interview!
Learn from a media master, who works full-time as a podcaster, to jumpstart your own career: Buy your copy now - get instant access the interview with Cliff Ravenscraft!

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: Gary Vaynerchuk

Did you know that podcasting could take you to fame? Gary Vaynerchuk does, and in this interview he shares his secrets with you!.

Starting at the age of just 15, Gary Vaynerchuk took his family business online in 1997. In less than a decade he took that business and turned  it into a fifty million dollar empire!

In 2006 Gary started a podcast at WineLibrary.tv. In less than two year Gary took his blog to 600 hundred episodes that gets over 90,000 hits per day! Since starting his podcasting efforts Gary has receive offers form agencies like the CAA (the same Hollywood agency that represents big names like Oprah Winfrey amongst others).

In the interview Gary discuss his rise to fame, and offers you tips on how you can use podcasting to find success!

Press play below to listen to the intro to the interview:

In this video you'll learn:
  • How to create brand equity for any type of product with a podcast
  • How the current state of things can allow you to find your public voice
  • The methods Gary used to build traffic to his podcast (to the tune of 90,000 hits per day)
  • What it takes to make your way to fame with a podcast
  • The important elements of a successful web page
  • What it really takes to turn a site into a success
  • Much, Much, More - Again you won't want to miss this one!

Learn what it really takes to build a brand image, and gain traffic using a podcast. No one can teach you better than Gary Vaynerchuk:  Buy your copy now - get instant access the interview with Gary Vaynerchuk!

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: Paul Colligan

Do you have something to say to the world? Podcasting is the way to get your message out, and if you take Paul Colligan's advice you may just build an empire in the process!

Paul Colligan did, and he used podcasting to make his statement to the world and in doing so created a multi-million dollar media empire. Paul's sites include many high-profile media web sites that generate millions of dollars in revenue.

In the thirty minute interview with Paul, you'll learn his secrets. Learn how Paul used podcasting to create a multi-million dollar empire, and use his ideas in your marketing campaigns. Learn strategies to say what you have to say to the world, and how to really get your message heard. You'll also learn the secrets of choosing the right methods/software/hosts and more with this 30 minute interview!
Press play below to listen to the intro to the interview:

In this video you'll learn:
  • How to approach podcasting as a business
  • Which tools  and technology to choose to ensure you protect your own work (and your business)
  • How to choose the right tools to ensure you get the job done right
  • How to truly realize the potential of your podcast by embracing the medium itself
  • How to truly realize a products sales potential using a podcast
  • About traps that some podcasters fall into and how to avoid them
  • Much, Much, More...Don't miss this interview!
Learn how to get your message heard, and how to use that message to multiply your own success: Buy your copy now - get instant access the interview with Paul Colligan!

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: The Creators of the Pickup Podcast

Want to learn how to dominate a niche and become known as the guru? Maybe you want to learn how you can get noticed in the mainstream media? A.J. and Jordan Harbinger can teach you how!

When A.J. and Jordan started The Pickup Podcast - they created a phenomenon in the world of online dating. They have been featured on the today show, and have their own regular broadcast on Maxim radio.

In the interview with A.J and Jordan you will learn their secrets of success. The interview covers everything from how they got started to how they get business done. The 35 minute interview also covers their ideas about podcasting, how they create their own podcasts, and how podcasting can be used to dominate within any niche.

These two have become mogul's in the world of online dating (and in the main stream media).  Learning how they found success, and how they use podcasting, will take your own efforts further.

Press play below to listen to the intro to the interview:

In this video you'll learn:
  • How to build big traffic without ever spending a dime on advertising
  • How to get to know the top performers in any niche, and how to build relationships with those people to help you in your own success
  • About the value proposition that a podcast can offer to your customers
  • Learn how content can make all of the difference to your online success
  • How to use social dynamics to dominate your niche and promote your own podcast
  • Much, Much, more... Don't get left behind, listen to the interview now!
Become a master in your own niche by learning from two A-List media moguls who have made their way to fame with a podcast: Buy your copy now - get instant access the interview with the Pickup Podcast creators!

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: Yaro Starak

Want to learn how to generate a $10,000/month income with podcasting? How about how to become a super-affiliate? If you answered yes to either question then Yaro Starak is the man to talk to!

Yaro Starak is a professional blogger who has over 40,000 subscribers to his blog, and brings in over $10,000 each month with that blog. Yaro is also a top affiliate marketer with lists in the 10,000s of thousands.

In the interview with Yaro, you'll learn how Yaro has used podcasting to multiply his own success. You'll also get tips and ideas on where to go to get the tools you'll need, where to go to get noticed, and how interview the guru's within your own niche. If you've been struggling to find success online, you need to listen to this interview!

Press play below to listen to the intro to the interview:

In this video you'll learn:
  • Many great times on creating podcast episodes that really work
  • About things you need to consider when using your podcast to make money
  • How to research your market and find out what will really sell
  • How to find and build relationships with the big guys in your own industry
  • How to build massive traffic by doing interviews with A-list marketers in your market
  • All about things to consider when creating and monetizing your own podcast
  • Much, Much More. Don't miss this interview!
Learn from a six-figure podcaster and affiliate-sales master: Buy your copy now - get instant access the interview with Geoff Smith!

The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series: Geoff Smith (aka Mr. Jingles)

Want to learn all about creating podcasts that work? Maybe you'd like to create audio podcasts that really get noticed?

Geoff Smith is a Nashville musician who has created a huge income providing jingles to podcasts. He has built a big business out of podcasting, and his jingles have been featured on some of the largest sites on the web.

In the two interviews with Geoff, we'll talk about his opinions on podcasting, you'll learn about the right equipment to get the job done, and you'll learn how to use sound to take your podcasts to a whole new level. As the go-to guy for jingles, Geoff is the one you want to learn from if you want to create stellar podcasts that are sure to keep your visitors coming back!

Press play below to listen to the intro from the first interview:

Press play below to listen to the intro from the second interview:

In these videos you'll learn:
  • How to get broadcast quality in your podcasts
  • About tools and software that really work to create stellar podcasts
  • Ways to save when you choose to get more professional with your recordings
  • How jingles and sound quality can make all of the difference to your podcast
  • How sound can work to build your brand
  • What audio branding can do for your traffic, and your success
  • Much, Much, More... Listen to this one before you create your first episode!
Learn about jingles, sound quality, and more from the master of sound: Buy your copy now - get instant access the interviews with Geoff Smith!

“Tony Mwangi's podcasts are a breath of fresh air. He knows how to enliven a conversation and make it sound totally unscripted, yet each of his podcasts are extremely professional. Additionally, his podcast tips are simple enough for anyone to be able to implement-even a non-tech guy like myself gains benefit from them. Mr. Mwangi comes highly recommended in my books!” October 16, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Benin - Hired Tony Chomba Mwangi as a Writer/Editor in 2008 

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Along with the interviews, you'll get my entire podcasting course! The quick-start video course will get you implementing the secrets of the guru's in no time! Read on to Learn More...

To share my own knowledge, I have put together an entire series on podcasting. This video series will teach you everything you need to know to get started. The course consists of six videos that take you through the whole process of getting started with your own podcasting site.

The reality is that if you do want to take advantage of all of the benefits of podcasting, and learn how to build an online empire, you're going to need a podcast.

My course teaches you the basics right from choosing a domain that will get noticed to adding your podcast to itunes for extra exposure. Here is a run down of everything you can expect to learn with my pod casting course.

Video 1: How to Select a Domain Name, Host, and Get a Wordpress Blog in 5 to 10 Minutes

Obviously if you want to start podcasting, you'll need a place to start.

In my first video tutorial I'll teach you how to choose a domain name that will work well for your podcast, how to choose a hosting service, and how to install WordPress with just one click!

Video 2: How to Setup a Wordpress Blog, RSS,  and Feedburner's MyBrand Service

With your new blog in place you're ready to get setup.

In the second video I'll teach you how to get your site setup for your podcast. You can expect to learn how to get setup, even if you don't have any technical knowledge, how to setup an RSS feed, and how to use the MyBrand Service from Feedburner.

Video 3: How to Publish a Podcast Using Wordpress and Podpress

Now that you're setup, you're ready to learn how to publish a podcast.

In the third part of my video-tutorial series I will teach you how to publish a podcast using WordPress and Podpress. These two simple tools make it easy to publish your podcast quickly, and without a lot of technical knowledge.

Video 4: How to Create a Video Podcast and Get Maximum Traffic from One Video

With your new found knowledge you're ready to learn how to build serious traffic!

In our fourth video I will teach you techniques to gain the most traffic possible from a single video. I will show you that getting traffic to your site doesn't have to be difficult at all.

Video 5: How to Setup Filezilla and Use it to Upload Files to Your Podcast

There will be times that you need to upload files to your WordPress site.

In video-tutorial five, I will teach you how to do so without spending any money. You can expect to learn how to find and install and ftp client, and how to use that program to get the files you need on your new site.

Video 6: How to Add Your Podcast to I-Tunes

One easy way to get your podcast noticed is to add it to a podcast listing services.

In tutorial six, I will teach you two ways to add your podcast to itunes. Adding your site to the directory will allow your listeners to download your content to their ipod and listen/watch it at their own leisure. This is a simple way to get more regulars on your site!

"There's a guy out there doing amazing things........ Tony Mwangi has the best web site. You guys have to check him out"

Linda, Capital FM 

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Now for the price I'm selling "The Conversations With Podcasting Gurus Series" for, you might think that I would stop there. After all the package now represents an outstanding value for your money. However, I'm not finished yet.

With my package I wanted to ensure that you received everything you will ever need to implement the ideas you'll learn in your own marketing campaign(s). So as an added bonus I am including 9 more video tutorials..

When you order your copy of "The Conversations with Podcasting Gurus Series" I will send you another course as part of my email learning series. With each email you'll get a new video, and some great tips on: tools, ideas, and mo re...

The videos you can expect as part of the bonus include:

  • How to create a video podcast without doing any extra work

  • How to create mp3 podcasts using Itunes

  • How to buy the full version of Pamela Voice Recorder the Professional Version

  • How to Install Pamela Voice Recorder

  • How to edit podcasts using Audacity

  • How to Record a Podcast Using Skype and Pamela Voice Recorder

  • How to install Skype

  • How to Install Audacity

  • How to Create a Podcast Using Audacity in Less than 4 Minutes
In other words, by the time you've made it through the course, the interviews, and the bonus material. You'll have everything you need to get started, and you'll have the knowledge you need to succeed!

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Youtube superstar and international recording artist, Derrick Ashong 

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